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Janice Alsleben


Invitation to the online colloquium: Design connects. Making DBR better together.

In February, the DBR network is hosting an online colloquium titled „Design Connects: Enhancing DBR Together“. We are very pleased that Prof. Dr. Christopher Hoadley will be giving the keynote speech. The other speakers are doctoral students and postdocs actively… Weiterlesen →


Presentations from our symposium: „Finding a common ground for practicing and teaching DBR“

On September 28 in the Warburg-House in Hamburg, we hosted our second DBR-Symposium. This event was dedicated to discussions on effective teaching and communication of DBR. Gabi Reinmann has already shared her insightful review of the symposium. Today, we’re glad… Weiterlesen →


Invitation to the symposium „Finding a common ground for practicing and teaching DBR“

We invite you to our second symposium, “Finding a common ground for practicing and teaching DBR”, which will take place on September 28, 2023 in Hamburg. Teaching and communicating DBR in an understandable way and giving researchers guidance in their… Weiterlesen →